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Wild Botanicals 4 oz Bug Off Shake & Spray ! This is a bug spray that works and not only works, it smells great. This is a deet free natural formula that works. The EPA has approved that lemon eucalyptus oil does repel mosquitos, biting flies and gnats. I started using this not for mosquitos but for ticks. I HATE ticks. It really works. I think it is important to understand that you need to reapply for the best results. This has been a favorite at the shop since I brought it in back in our first year. I've been buying Wild Botanicals for more years than I can count now. This lady in Southern IL makes the best of everything. 

I added a Bug Balm to the shop this year as well. I think its a nice throw in your bag or purse option. I also like that you can apply this easily to like your neck, ankles, etc. Did I mention I hate ticks. Ive never had one either! Knock on Wood.